Tom Leykis appreciates the good life. He knows that somewhere between death and taxes, you need to have a little fun. And for the millions who believe the harder you work, the harder you play he created The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis.

The first of its kind, The Tasting Room is a lifestyle themed program for those with a taste for the finer things in life. From fine wine, high-end spirits, & craft brews to first-rate dining & premium cigars, Leykis covers it all in this weekly, on-air ride through your ultimate wish list.

Leykis has proven to be a huge ratings draw with churning discussions that kept Americans listening every day to The Tom Leykis Show.

His opinions are thought provoking and his unconventional perspective on dating, relationships and politics have made him one of America's top radio personalities.

Santa Ynez Valley Journal - Many people think of wine enthusiasts as snobs, bores or even boors.

None of these appellations describe radio personality Tom Leykis, who for the past six years has hosted a wine connoisseur show designed to inform and enlighten listeners through stories told by winemakers themselves.

Leykis is best known for his recently cancelled nationally syndicated general talk show, where from the bully pulpit he aired eyebrow-raising opinions on dating, religion, politics and other topics. That show ended last year when the station switched its format to Top 40 music.

Although Leykis’s former audience consisted of highly educated people, many fans were surprised to learn that the shock-jock spent his off-hours drinking and waxing effusive on Bordeaux and California Cabernet, and listening to Dexter Gordon and Lyle Lovett at his home in Northern Santa Barbara County.